Did You Grow Up Mowing Your Parents Lawn?

In the movie White On Rice (2009) Jimmy moves in with his sister and instead of paying rent helps around the house. He does the dishes, mows the lawn etc. Here I wanted to focus mowing the lawn and look at the options for purchasing a lawn mower to not only mow your lawn but other peoples for money… Jimmy could have done this as a job and had money to take out his girlfriend.

Growing up I mowed my parents lawn with a heavy petrol lawn mower made by MTD Products. It wasn’t self propelled and my lawn had slopes so it was a good workout. There’s also electric lawn mowers – some with cords and some with batteries.

Anyways, let’s look at some lawn mower reviews to see how to know which is best for your situation.

Petrol Mower – In short you should get a petrol mower if it will take you longer than 1 hour to mow your lawn or if you have thick tough grass. A petrol is also ideal for remote lawns that have no access to electricity.

Electric Mower – Electric mowers are best suited for more residential, smaller lawns in the suburbs. They’re quiet and don’t require maintenance.

Reel Mower – A reel mower is the most silent and most affordable and clips your lawn instead of tearing the grass. Many people prefer reel, but be sure to know that it requires you pushing it to turn the blade.